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This guild has merged with The Inquest Magistracy.

Inquest Research Unit Xeta (Abbrev: IQRX)

"Expediency, effeciency, and progress." This is the mission statement of Unit Xeta, a devision of Inquest scientists and explorers. This division's projects are kept under strict confidentiality, though they claim that their work is for the betterment of Asurakind. As with most research units, this division can be contracted by those with enough gold and influence (Predominantly the Arcane Council.). 

Guild Information

Inquest Research Unit Xeta is an Inquest themed role playing guild, with a focus on labwork, exploration and scientific experimentation. The unit operates under strict mandates, with projects assigned to the workers. They get paid well for their service, and are rarely found working with low quality equipment in exchange for scientific freedom. Within the Inquest, members of Unit Xeta are typically reffered to as "Xetamites."

Srazz is the public leader of Inquest Research Unit Xeta, bearing the title of Lead Supervisors. There are currently no Assistant Supervisors.

Roleplaying with Research Unit Xeta

Those who wish to involve IQRX in events, or be involved with IQRX events are reccomended to contact Srazz in game, who will be able to handle your specific needs. Recruitment is done in game, as is the hiring of the Research Team as a whole. Please recodnize that there are age restrictions for characters, and if necessary logic tests.

(This page is a current W.I.P. )

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