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The College of Synergetics is an asuran scholarly society. The members of this college study magical metaphysics, cybernetic systems, and the nature of abstract structures. Their focus on the study of patterns and mystical complexities over the development of concrete applications leads other Asura to view this college as impractical and idealistic, if not downright muzzyheaded. However, they see themselves as providing the foundation for a more coherent and profound understanding of the Eternal Alchemy, the unifying system of the cosmos. While this college boasts fewer tangible, or at least less visible, products, their theories tie the numerous fields of asuran science and philosophy together.[1]

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Within the College of Synergetics, asura are all about shaping energy and building connections. Here you can find the more mystical thinkers, those who study the raw matter of magic itself and disdain the solidity of the functional world. They are often more philosophical in bent, and are very used to dealing with political and social theory. These asura are interested in how patterns form, how errors propagate, and how chaos forms rational systems. Unfortunately, this dedicated study to psychology also leads them to be more secretive—even among themselves—as they believe they know how everyone else’s mind works…and those minds are out to get them! Even the greatest of this college’s alumni can tend to be a little shortsighted, devising ethereal plans and constructing psychological reasoning without actually venturing out of their laboratories for concrete tests. When a member of the college speaks of his alma mater, they typically are speaking of the social structures they’ve created through their tutelage, their connections, and the body of asura who consider themselves a ”college” of like minds.

Creations of the College of Synergetics: quantagrams, di-polar spell matrices, conjuration vertices, prestimystic readouts, mojonic control rods, self-restricting enchant loops. [2]

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