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The College of Statics is an asuran scholarly society. Members of this college are analytical and cautious, preferring to do the work right the first time and build things that last. They participate in large-scale projects such as building cities and the massive levitating stones that power them. Viewed as conservative and possibly myopic by members of other colleges, they prefer to perfect well-understood tools, and the asura owe the high performance and extreme efficiency of many of their standby technologies to generations of Static development and polish.[1]

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Those asura who join the College of Statics are builders, and they build to last, specializing in permanent structures and large-scale projects. These asura tend to be more conservative and cautious in nature; they believe in measuring twice, cutting once, and measuring again. They are thoughtful and analytical, and enjoy research as well as practical application. Prominent graduates of the college include the inventors of the magicomagnetic levitation stones, which the asura use as power sources for their larger structures. They refer to their college as a concrete thing, a living formation of rock and structure that is continually added to and subtracted from, by the works of alumni and students alike. These asura make construction golems, drilling machines, and anything else that solidly moves. They are the hubs within the Eternal Alchemy, the solid foundation of posts, supports and axels upon which the cogs can turn.

Creations of the College of Statics: positional relays, quasi-enchantment aligners, theosophy scopes, metasurvey incantations, cross-incantation braces, levitation buttresses.[2]

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