Arcane Medical Theoretics is a krewe that provdes medical services to both Peacemakers and Arcane Eye. It was created Scion 1326 in response to the seperate terrorist attacks of both Doctor Okeer and Voorii using biological weapons.


The primary function of AMT is to provide hospital and emergency 

AMT emblem for emergency services.

response services to the Peacemakers operating in Rata Sum and Metrica Province as well as other allied forces and their prisoners. Secondary functions of AMT include but are not limited to:
  • Emergency response to outbreaks of diseases
  • Medical aid to victims of natural disasters
  • Ongoing medical research in varying areas
  • Coroner services
  • ACRS/PCRS physicals and immunizations
  • Other misc. medical duties


AMT has the following equipment available to them.

PM Model V Medical Bed and Table (MBT)

Perfect for dual functionality, the MBT combines the advance technology of a medical bed and the convenience of a readily available desk or table! Hidden compartments all across table hold a wide array of standard medical supplies available on hand. The table itself contains the following medical devices:

  • Arcane Bone Scanner (x-ray)
  • Magic Mental Meter (MRI)
  • Dredge Hybrid Theorem (TM) Personal Medical Sonar (ultrasound)
  • Optichalium Vitality Monitor (bedside monitor)
  • Sterilization Field Emitter
  • HAZMAT Containment Shielding
  • Oxygen mask overhead
  • Restraint bindings
  • Holodisplay interface (controls both the medical features and is perfect for office work!)

Mk-V Medical Golemites

Programed and equipped to handle medical work in the absence of asura personnel, MK-V golemites can render basic first aid to stabilize a patient until medical personnel can arrive. They can also preform basic functions like drawing blood and setting casts to assist flesh and blood doctors and medics.

Toxicology, Corruption, and Microbe Portable Testing Device

With a library of every known toxin and microbe to asura-kind, the TCM Device can be used to screen a blood sample for toxins and diseases with in seconds. It can also be used to select a single microbe to scan a patient for.

Medicine Safe

The Pharmacy of PCRS-1is operated out of the console in the back of the HQ. Any medicine requiring a prescription is kept there under lock and magical key.

T-1198 Cell Scanner (Old Deeras)

An archaic medical scanner installed in each celll that has all of the functionality of the MBT and none of the precision! A cheap and effective solution for having to remove pesky prisoners for medical testing. They gained their nickname from Old Deeras, who made them nearly seventy years ago so he could keep his promise to a prisoner that he would "never leave his cell again" when the patient came down cancer. Deeras was true to his word and buried the prisoner in his cell.


AMT Personnel are considered civilians and government employees. As such, they are not subject to a Peacemaker chain of command or held to physical fitness standards and other varying military expectancies. Oversight of AMT will be detailed later. Personnel of AMT specialize in medical and psychiatric fields, both magic and non-magical. While most of them are Medical Doctors who possess broad knowledge ranging from general practice to epidemiology, some specialize in particular areas of healing such as herbal medicine. AMT focuses particularly on health issues relating to both magic and non-magical in origin. Issues with machinery, such as cybernetics and soul-infused golems, typically falls out of their realm of expertise and must be forwarded to the QI research center in Mrot Boru. Despite this, AMT employs a number of people who help design medical equipment for use in their support role.
Ranking within AMT is the standard for defense contractors which is the Arcane Council Civil Service Schedule (CS Schedule). Members of AMT are treated as having a Secret Clearance for general OpSec measures. However, their access to any pertinent medical information is based on a Medical Authorization License instead of security clearance and applies only to information deemed medically relevant to research or immediate concerns. Contentions over access are to be discussed with the Deputy Councilor of the Security Oversight Committee.

Grade Medical Authorization License
CS-1 Class 1
CS-2 Class 1
CS-3 Class 1
CS-4 Class 1
CS-5 Class 2
CS-6 Class 2
CS-7 Class 3
CS-8 Class 3

Class 1 License- The majority of personnel of AMT will have this license. This level of access means that personnel may be privy to information if someone with a Class 2 or 3 license has authorized it. They cannot contend for to access information that is above a standard secret clearance.

Class 2 License- Mid-level employees in AMT are allowed access to information medically relevant that is classified as "Top Secret." They also have authorization to dispose of illicit drugs.

Class 3 License- The highest tier of license is given only to the 2 or 3 in the upper echelons of AMT. A Class 3 license holder has unrestricted access to pertinent medical information for research. Access to biological weaponry however must be monitored by the ACRS and PCRS.
Personnel found in violation of their licenses or caught violating typical OpSec measures, will be held accountable under the 1256 Espionage Act.

AMT is not authorized to maintain any internal security or privacy from PCRS or ACRS. However, PCRS or ACRS may not infringe upon potential patents of AMT and individuals within. Individuals found attempting to violate patent law are subject to ACRS enforcement. If ACRS is found in violation of patent law or attempting to steal a potential patent, civil case will be brought to the Deputy Director of the Security Oversight Sight Committee. ACRS/PCRS dealing with potential patent material are required to details as sensitive information.


AMT is subject to oversight from PCRS, ACRS, and the Security Oversight Committee (SOC) in varying situations. The latter most however is the primary oversight for the activities of AMT.

While members are in the field for PCRS and ACRS operations, they are subject to the oversight of the operation leader. Contentions over the legality, ethics, or prudence of orders coming from ACRS or PCRS agents are subject to review from the Security Oversight Committee (known as invoking the "Primary Ethical Prudence Clause"). AMT operations held in their own right are under the implied authorization of the Security Oversight Committee with permissions from the Subcommittee for Public Health. ACRS or PCRS official who likewise take issue with the operations of AMT may have said activity reviewed by SOC as well (known as invoking the "Secondary Ethical Prudence Clause").
If either clause is invoked, the activity in question is to be ceased if possible until review is concluded by the Deputy Councillor of SOC. If one party or another is found to be guilty of a crime, penalties will be delivered as per the Arcane Council Code of Conduct. However, special protections are afforded to the accusing party or parties (Whistle-blower Protection Clause) unless gross abuse of this clause is found to have been committed, such as using the Ethical Prudence Clauses intentionally for revenge on specific individuals or groups.

OOC Info

AMT is a civil service krewe. AMT primarily works with the Peacemaker guild and functions as the CDC, a hospital krewe for Rata Sum, researching medical applications of various magics, and even a relatively secret biological weapons division. AMT hosts an event on the first weekend of each month in Rata Sum for the asura community that are usually lighthearted and comical in nature.

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